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Only $0.89 fee per ticket sold
credit card fees of 3%

  Price/Ticket Ticket Fee Credit Card Fee
OURS $0.89 0% 3%
THEIRS $0.99 2.5% 3%

We charge only a $0.89 fee per ticket sold, plus a 3% credit card processing fee. That's about one-third of the cost of some of our competitors. You pay for only the number of tickets you sell. For example: Sell 10 tickets, you pay only $8.90. Sell 100 tickets at $50/each - you collect $5,000 and pay us only $89.00

Buyer Payment Options

ezEvent's Merchant Account is our recommended payment option. The buyer can pay with any major credit card and the money goes into ezEvent's bank account. We charge only a $0.89 fee per ticket sold or refunded, plus a 3% credit card fee. Most checks are sent within 3-4 business days of your event's end date, though some can take up to a week. If you need the money faster, we can send a check or ACH payment upon request so long as you have enough sales and credit worthiness to prove the event's legitimacy.

When PayPal™ is selected as a buyer payment option, buyers can pay with credit cards, PayPal, or an eCheck. The money goes directly and instantly into the event organizer's PayPal account. ezEvent does not charge credit card fees for this payment method, but the event organizer will have to pay PayPal's fees. ezEvent does not charge for refunds on orders that use this payment method, however there will still be an $0.89 fee for each ticket purchased.

Event organizers can offer Offline Payments including Pay by Check, Pay at the Door, and Invoice the Buyer. All of the money collected goes directly into the event organizer's bank account. There are no credit card fees taken out, and the event organizer will be invoiced for the $0.89 fee for each ticket purchased or refunded.

Merchant Account
Credit Card Logos
Payments received 3 days after event.
PayPal PayPal fees apply.Payments received instantly.

Pay Offline

Pay by check, at the door, or ask to be sent an invoice.
Free Events

Free Events are Free

We want to give back to our Event Organizer community and we want to make using ezEvent FREE for anyone that may have free tickets. Why would we do this? Because we truly appreciate your business even if it means we make nothing.

You can use ezEvent for FREE if your event does not collect money for anything. Each ticket you define must be for $0.00 for your event. You can also use ezEvent for FREE if you do not require tickets. Many non-profits have ticketed events that don’t charge for the event. We want you to use ezEvent.